Our Story

Our Dental Experience

We (Owners Jay O’Dell and Reid Cowan) managed a sales and marketing team at a dental manufacturer that had both a national and international market footprint. Our work allowed us to have a very thorough high level view of the dental industry as we developed targeted dental strategies. Our dental industry audience consisted of private dental clinics, group practices of all sizes, military clinics, and federally funded non-profit groups. Our approach and methods allowed us to become deeply involved in the dental industry’s distribution networks and gave us a front row seat to the latest developments and trends within the industry.

What We Learned

During this time, we both saw and analyzed the overwhelming success that was being achieved within the growth and consolidation of one of the largest dental service organizations across the country. We realized that there was a huge disconnect in the way that smaller practices viewed this growth pattern and the reality behind why larger groups were growing at a faster pace. The common assumption across the sector was that the growth was being fueled by group cost savings and discounted operating expenses. We saw something very different. The real driver was the power of duplicative branding, sales and marketing strategies that made new patient acquisition easier. This realization led to a simple question:

Is it possible for small practitioners to compete with the marketing power of large group practices when it comes to acquiring new patients?

Our Approach and Answer

Individually, the answer would be an easy no, but strategic thinking led to an idea that could alter the equation. What if there was a way to not only compete with the biggest industry players, but actually beat them? What if a team could out market the most powerful companies by harnessing the strengths of private dental offices and projecting them in such a way that they  could rise in prominence both individually and as a group. We believe that we can do just that, which is why we left the world of corporate dental and founded Open Range Marketing Solutions. It is what led me to you. Let’s talk about how we can help you grow and thrive in this ever more connected world.